Interporto operates three logistics facilities in and around Trieste, all with excellent rail connections and a total of almost one million square meters of floor space and approximately 130,000 square meters of storage space. In addition to customs clearance, the services offered include in particular the preparation of intermodal and logistical concepts as well as targeted land development in the port area of Trieste.

The current negotiations are based on the strategic cooperation between duisport and the Trieste Port Authority, which has been in place since summer 2017. duisport CEO Erich Staake recognized the enormous potential of the North Italian port years ago and pushed ahead with the joint development of logistics services. "This is a meaningful extension of our international network. Especially for our customers who set their priorities in the transport of goods in the European area", says Staake.

The port of Trieste is the largest seaport in the Upper Adriatic. The location is considered an important maritime gateway for Central and Eastern Europe and has developed into a leading European logistics hub in recent years. Moreover, Trieste is involved in the Belt and Road initiative via the maritime Silk Road.

The investment in Trieste is further proof of the international relevance and recognition of duisport’s logistics know-how. duisport not only provides the expertise in the development of logistic areas, but also creates an attractive added value for the entire duisport network through the logistic connection of Duisburg and Trieste.

Trieste / Trieste Port Authority:
Trieste ranks 9th in terms of net total tonnage among all European ports (62 million tons in 2019). Further, Trieste is the leading oil terminal in the Mediterranean and ranks first amongst Italian ports with respect to rail traffic (10,000 trains in 2019). This is due to daily rail links to all the main European destinations: 7 countries regularly served by rail from Trieste and 33 couples of trains connecting Trieste to Germany weekly.

Its special regime as a free port is a unique feature at the international level. In this perspective, Trieste becomes a strategic hub for the Belt and Road initiative, as the ideal access point for trade to and from the Far East and throughout the Mediterranean, thanks to a naturally deep sea floor up to 18 meters.

The Port Authority as integrated manager of the “Port System” is a key shareholder of the Interporto di Trieste, a company that manages three intermodal and logistics facilities in the Trieste/Friuli Venezia Giulia region, including a railway platform (460,000 sqm) in Cervignano del Friuli.

Friulia S.p.A. - Financial Holding Company of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region:
FRIULIA is a Financial Company of the Region Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. Since its creation in 1967, the regional holding company implemented 1,500 projects in over 700 enterprises, always promoting development and innovation. As investor, Friulia supports the financial capacity of participated companies, fostering their growth.
Friulia action has always been comparable to the work of an advisor who operates to identify the best opportunities. For this reason, Friulia offers to collaborate with local enterprises, to assess industrial plans and development models or as financial partner sensitive to market and business needs.