Sustainability is an essential economic factor,
but also part of our central mission statement

At duisport, sustainability is part of the corporate mission for all business divisions, projects and activities.

Sustainable structures are at the core of our business activities and strengthen our competitiveness. Multimodal traffic concepts or the revitalization of land parcels for land development, for example, are recognized sustainable duisport projects.

To us, sustainability is more than environmental awareness. The holistic view of economic, ecologic and social interests plays a key role at duisport. The duisport Group recognized this early on and established the relevant processes and structures within its own business model. We combine sustainability with technical innovations, ecological transportation chains and efficient land use - for us, our customers and our environment.

From industrial brownfield to multimodal handling facility with green space

Our sustainable projects consist mainly of logport I and logport II – land that was very contaminated after decades of use by a smelter. With extensive land recycling measures, duisport converted the land parcel into a multimodal handling facility while also supporting the development of the Angerpark. Green space has been added beside the new usable logistics parcel, which significantly increases the quality of life for the residents of the district.

A key factor for Audi joining the logport II family was that a convincing sustainability concept was pursued during the definition of the processes. Today, duisport transports Audi AG vehicle components to Antwerp by inland water vessel and rail. Rail and inland water vessel replace over 13,000 truck journeys per year between the Ruhr region and the port of Antwerp. This is the way to practice efficient sustainability together – by continuing to develop our business model on a solid basis for the decades ahead, retaining employees for the long term with programs such as our health management initiative, and creating the conditions for a work-life balance ...