Together with the approximately 1,600 employees of the port company, the companies based in the port and the logistics companies in the region already employ more than 51,000 people – 20,000 more than 20 years ago.

A partner to the logistics industry, duisport connects international markets

With its intelligent network of logistics services, the port offers the companies that are based at this location excellent conditions for supplying industry and trade across Europe. The port's direct and multimodal connections to international freight transport underlines its position as a gateway to the markets of Europe.

The duisport Group forms the connecting axis between producers and customers, connects international markets and acts as an engine for regional and global flows of goods. As an engaged partner to the logistics industry, we optimize transportation chains by developing and implementing customer-specific concepts and solutions that are tailored to different requirements. The 300 logistics-oriented companies that have settled in the Port of Duisburg and that generate an added value of approximately EUR 3 billion per annum especially benefit from this full-service approach.

Performance, service and advisory –
duisport sets a new standard

Eight multimodal container terminals, over 400 weekly combination transport connections to more than 100 direct destinations in Europe and Asia, along with extensive warehouse and storage capacities, are linked with market- and customer-focused services right on site. Packing services, particularly for machine and equipment builders, are supplemented with integrated freight products and contract logistics solutions. The port also offers interested companies comprehensive settlement management services - up to the development and construction of turnkey warehousing and storage premises.

In addition, duisport also offers advisory services for the further development of infrastructure and superstructure in ports, the development of hinterland connections and the connection of logistics centers. This extensive advisory expertise is used by governments, port operators and investors worldwide, e.g. in Sao Paulo (Brazil) or Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

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