Sustainable action.
Everywhere and every time.

duisport's many activities offer daily evidence of its commitment to sustainability.

We support industry and the logistics industry by connecting all transport carriers. In this way, flows of goods are designed as efficiently, resource-friendly and cost-effectively as possible. In terms of combined transportation, there are more than 400 regular weekly train connections to over 100 destinations in Europe and beyond, including direct train connections to Moscow, Istanbul and Chongqing in central China.

Thus, duisport offers a highly-efficient intermodal transportation network that shifts a lot of freight transport from the road to alternative transport carriers such as rail and inland water vessel. This not only reduces the number of trucks on roads and highways by more than 100,000 a year, but also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Our impact area in terms of sustainability also includes noise, light and water protection, the removal of waste and waste water, the frugal use of raw materials, the reduction of pollutant emissions of all types and modern waste management. Initiatives in this area include the introduction of a traffic guidance system for logport I and II, which reduces traffic noise for nearby residents, as well as a traffic and logistics concept for Danone Waters, which can reduce emissions by approximately 30%. We operate our own solar facility on top of a logistics building, which reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. In addition, we also use reusable packaging, which saves over 200 tonnes of wood every year.