duisport is home.

duisport is closely connected to its Rhine-Ruhr home region. We are also socially and culturally committed to the region.

The duisport Group supports education initiatives, sports clubs, cultural events and regional support projects for children and youth. As part of the “Dialog mit der Jugend” (Dialog with Youth) event, which is organized every year by the Initiativkreis Ruhr, the CEO of duisport Group visits students at three senior classes in the Ruhr region to personally answer their questions.

In order to position duisport as a magnet for the best talent, we use a diversified and systematic approach to promote young talent. This successful approach includes the “TalentMetropole Ruhr” initiative, which we launched together with BP Europa SE, Evonik Industries AG, the RAG Foundation and the Westfälische Hochschule. The project, which is managed by the Initiativkreis Ruhr, organizes innovative information and educational offerings for young talent from all segments of society, and for all occupational profiles in the logistics sector. At the “TalentAkademie Ruhr”, talented students from all types of schools have an opportunity to research, experiment and discover their strengths for ten days at the Westfälische Hochschule.

University students in the Ruhr metropolis can now apply for the four-day Frontrunner leadership program. © Common Purpose

The “Get Ready” initiative promotes Hauptschule students, while the “Joblinge” program provides young adults with a second chance to obtain a professional education. The Internet platform “TalentMonitor Ruhr” lists a large number of training and education programs in the Ruhr region.

With these projects, the duisport Group does its part to ensure that young people can make use of their talents and contribute to our region as team players and future achievers. With this long-term commitment, we promote and develop the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region - our home.

Children explain the world of logistics

We have supported the “LogistiKids” initiative as part of our young talent program for a number of years. It is a fun way to introduce young students to the world of logistics. Our aim is to contribute to a better understanding of the way our industry works.

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