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The logport concept: From an industrial wasteland to one of Europe’s leading logistics locations – a success story on 371 football fields.

Coal and steel departed – duisport arrived. In 1998, a new era began in Duisburg at the former Krupp steelworks, a site in Duisburg-Rheinhausen spanning 265 hectares (roughly the size of 371 football fields). The idea to reutilize brownfield sites, redevelop spaces and establish multimodal logistics centers began to take shape with logport I. The concept became a unique success story: International logistics providers moved in and duisport developed into one of Europe’s most important logistics hubs. Today it is the flagship for North-Rhine Westphalia as a logistics location.

The quality of the available transport connections and port facilities were enough to be able to convince logistics-oriented companies, in particular. The expansion of the old Krupp factory port, the erection of the Duisburg Intermodal Terminal (DIT), the Duisburg Trimodal Terminal (D3T) and the Duisburg Multi-Purpose Terminal (DKT), and the construction of the secondary railway station proved to be an important foundation for duisport.

logport – an attractive location for big players in the logistics industry

Kühne und Nagel bei duisport

The fact that the locational advantages at the intersection of the Rhine and the Ruhr could now be exploited, increased the appeal of the entire region. Companies from a wide variety of sectors became increasingly interested in Duisburg as a logistics hub.

Today, around 50 companies base their operations from the logport I logistics area, including leading logistics companies such as Kühne + Nagel, DB Schenker, DHL and NYK / Yusen Logistics. In addition to three intermodal terminals, there are around 650,000 m² of warehouse space here, including more than a half dozen European distribution centers for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson and Siemens. Over 5,000 direct jobs have been created here since 1999.

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