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duisport offers a variety of options for motivated high school graduates – internships, professional training and dual-track studies in the commercial segment, or as an apprentice in the industrial segment. Experienced educators teach you the essentials and supervise your progress until the exam.

Are you ready to learn about new opportunities, develop your talents and step towards an exciting and promising future? Welcome on board.

Recent job offers

Job title Location
Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d) Containerstau duisport agency GmbH,
Standort Duisburg
Technischer Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) im Bereich Eisenbahnwesen Duisburger Hafen AG,
Standort Duisburg
Industrieverpacker (m/w/d) dpl Weinzierl Verpackungen GmbH,
Standort Deggendorf
Ausbildung zum Eisenbahner im Betriebsdienst (m/w/d) duisport rail GmbH,
Standort Duisburg
Sachbearbeiter (m/w/d) Wareneingang duisport packing logistics GmbH,
Standort Tacherting
Technischer Kundenbetreuer (m/w/d) dpl Chemnitz GmbH,
Standort Chemnitz
Industrieverpacker / Exportverpacker (m/w/d) duisport packing logistics GmbH,
Standort Ulm
Ausbildung zum Industriekaufmann (m/w/d) dpl Chemnitz GmbH,
Standort Chemnitz
Ausbildung zum Holzmechaniker (m/w/d) dpl Chemnitz GmbH,
Standort Chemnitz
Industrieverpacker (m/w/d) dpl Chemnitz GmbH,
Standort Jena
Ausbildung zum Immobilienkaufmann (m/w/d) Duisburger Hafen AG,
Standort Duisburg
Ausbildung zum Kaufmann (m/w/d) für Spedition und Logistikdienstleistung Duisburger Hafen AG,
Standort Duisburg
Ausbildung zum Industriekaufmann (m/w/d) Duisburger Hafen AG,
Standort Duisburg
Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker (m/w/d) Duisburger Hafen AG,
Standort Duisburg
Ausbildung zum Holzmechaniker (m/w/d) duisport packing logisitics,
Standort Duisburg
Ausbildung zur Fachkraft (m/w/d) für Hafenlogistik duisport facilitiy logistics GmbH,
Standort Duisburg
Industrieverpacker (m/w/d) dpl Chemnitz GmbH,
Standort Plauen
Industrieverpacker (m/w/d) dpl Chemnitz GmbH,
Standort Dresden

Everybody talks about the shortage of skilled labor and lack of young talent – we are actively working to address this issue: since 2016 duisport already received the most established independent seal of approval for in-company training (“Ausgezeichneter Ausbildungsbetrieb”). This award honored the strong commitment of the Port of Duisburg and the high marks it received from the apprentices themselves.

Apprenticeship as Railwayman in Operational Service (m/f)

Ausbildung zum Eisenbahner im Betriebsdienst bei duisport

As a railway worker you take care of secure operations on the rails. You control locomotives and traction vehicles and convey goods in short and long distance traffic. Certain trains are shunted in the right number of wagons and connected with the locomotive by you. You control the wagons with braking tests, supervise the train and communicate with customers.

Apprenticeship period: three years. May be reduced by six months.

Important training stations:

  • Signalbox
  • Transport and shunting service
  • Workshop
  • Manager´s office
  • Disposition

Apprenticeship as Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/f)

Ausbildung zur Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik bei duisport

As a warehouse logistics specialist, you are familiar with all of the important workflows within the warehouse and participate in logistical planning and organizational processes. You organize unloading processes, sort goods and transfer them to storage. Warehouse logistics specialists develop customized packages for plants and machines, fasten, load and secure goods, and prepare accompanying documents. In addition, you will learn how to operate indoor cranes and receive a forklift license.

Apprenticeship period: three years. May be reduced by six months.

Important training stations:

  • Packaging
  • Warehouse
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods issue
  • Production

Apprenticeship as Real Estate Management Assistant (m/f)

Ausbildung zum Immobilienkaufmann bei duisport

Management assistants in real estate are active in all business fields in the real estate industry. Typical work areas include real estate management, the creation and management of condominiums, the purchase and sale of estates and the building, refurbishment, renovation and financing of properties. The main focus lies in the consulting and support of customers, and mediation. During training, you will become familiar with services related to the real estate industry and the development of customer-related financing concepts. You will analyze the market and implement marketing concepts. In addition, you will organize and control technical building management and supervise the building, refurbishment and renovation of properties.

Apprenticeship period: three years. May be reduced by six months.

Important training stations:

  • Real estate management
  • Commercial building management
  • Surveying
  • Construction department
  • Finance and accounting

Apprenticeship port logistics specialist

As a port logistics specialist, you plan, organize and monitor logistics processes related to the handling of goods. You know the correct methods for products such as heavy goods, container goods or coal. Within the terminal, you transport goods from Point A to Point B using reach stackers and crane equipment. Your careful handling of machines, dangerous goods and shipping documents ensures smooth terminal processes.

Apprenticeship period: three years. May be reduced by six months.

Important training stations:

  • “logport III” terminal premises
  • Container stuffing
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods issue

Apprenticeship as qualified IT specialist (with focus on application development) (m/w)

Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker, Fachrichtung Anwendungsentwicklung bei duisport

Qualified IT specialists with a focus on application development are the “tinkerers” and “developers” of the IT sector. They invent new software applications, implement the same and also test and document the programs using state-of-the-art software development methods. They also collaborate with the different departments, since the latter's ideas and requirements form a major part of the projects. Therefore human contact and an eye for the business context are also very important in addition to a passion for modern technologies.

Apprenticeship period: three years. May be reduced by six months.

Important training stations:

  • IT programming
  • IT infrastructur
  • Purchasing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Controlling

Office management specialist *

Ausbildung Kaufmann für Büromanagement bei duisport

As office management specialist, you are responsible for ensuring that all office processes run smoothly. You are responsible for organizational and office tasks, look after general correspondence and prepare statements, analyses and statistics. You are also responsible for planning, coordinating and monitoring deadlines, and you also receive orders and check incoming invoices. Start this multi-faceted training program and build the basis for a successful future with a practical and targeted approach.

* only available in our companies located in southern Germany

Dual education Bachelor of Science

Duale Ausbildung zum Bachelor of Science bei duisport

An evening and weekend course of studies with alternating theoretical and practical parts to complement on-the-job training offers the perfect opportunity to combine business training and scientific study. With a management assistant for forwarding and logistics services apprenticeship, you will gain sound business knowledge that is taken up by the studies at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Neuss with technical knowledge. Secure a second professional foothold and earn two degrees within a short time period; a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and qualification in a state-recognized apprenticeship program.

Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years. May be reduced by six months.

Duration of program: 7 semesters

Important training stations:

  • Truck scheduling
  • Ocean freight and air cargo processing
  • Rail scheduling
  • Finance and accounting

“The ability to gain insights into many different departments is very exciting, diverse and varied”

Marina, Oliver und Kristin, apprentice industrial business management assistants

„Our training at Duisburger Hafen AG started in August 2016 with an orientation week, during the course of which all apprentices were welcomed and the important information about duisport and our training was presented to us. We also had an opportunity to learn more about the port with a tour conducted by the duisport guides, who are apprentices that organize bus tours through the port.

The port of Duisburg has several subsidiaries that are represented at different locations, at which we will also be working. Therefore we are getting a good insight into the different activity fields of duisport. At this time, we are working in project management, information technology and sales and distribution. Every department looks after a variety of tasks, which enables us to find our areas of interest.

We attend the trade school in Moers twice a week. This is where we obtain our theoretical knowledge that can be applied in practice later on. Our main subjects are business processes, management and monitoring, and economic and social processes.

Our apprenticeship started in the anniversary year 2016, when the port celebrated its 300 year anniversary. This special event was marked with an anniversary gala and many important guests. As apprentices, we looked after a number of tasks that involved a lot of responsibility, such as welcoming the guests. A family fun fest was held at the same location two days later, which was a beautiful days for us and our families.

This year, we were allowed to assist our colleagues at the trade fair stand at “transport logistic”, one of the world's leading trade fairs for logistics in Munich. It was a nice change, and we gained a lot of new impressions.

Our apprenticeship in the commercial area is very interesting, and we are very satisfied. In closing, we can say that an apprenticeship for industrial business management assistant is the optimum start to our career."

“We believe in TEAMWORK.”

Burak, apprentice switchman and locomotive engineer

“In August 2016, I started my training for switchman and locomotive engineer specializing in engineer and transport at duisport rail GmbH, a subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG. Since then, I have met a lot of nice and helpful colleagues, who helped me gain a lot of work experience.

Locomotive personnel specializing in engineer and transport operate engines and locomotives in commuter and long-distance transport for passengers and goods. In their role as engineer, they normally ensure that rail freight traffic runs smoothly. Engineers have many tasks, and they assume a lot of responsibility. As part of their daily routine, engineers check and operate the locomotives, check the rail cars and brakes, and they are also responsible for managing the rail service e.g. how to determine the correct course of train rides, how trips are completed in normal operations, or checking operational safety using different brake samples.

The theoretical input for the time spent in operations is obtained at the trade school and in various courses of study. The trade school and courses are held at regular intervals, and alternate with the practical phase in the operational setting.

duisport rail GmbH believes in “TEAMWORK”, and a good working relationship between colleagues creates a great work climate. Working in a team is also important because it increases the enthusiasm for the job and the motivation.

I really like the training at duisport rail GmbH, as it is exactly what I imagined and what I am interested in. I would encourage everyone to put in an application if they are interested in working in this industry.

“The mix of regular and new tasks is what makes it exciting”

Kai, apprentice management assistant for forwarding and logistics services

In this text about the apprenticeship for management assistant for forwarding and logistics services, I would like to offer some insights into the daily routines and the associated trade school experience.

This apprenticeship normally takes three years, and can also be completed in two-and-a-half years under certain conditions. Apprentices alternate between working in the operation and attending trade school on a weekly basis. That means 1.5 days of school and 3.5 days of work. In the operation, apprentices change departments every four months, enabling them to gain as much insight into the company as possible. I personally have learned about the truck department and the rail department. My next assignment will be in sea and air cargo processing. Daily work routines consist of regular tasks that must be completed at the start of every day. They are followed by new tasks, such as entering newly arrived orders and inquiries by customers.

As mentioned, attendance at trade school is 1.5 days a week. It means that you spend one day a week only at school. On the other day, the school day is combined with work in the operation. I attend the Mercator-Berufskolleg in Moers. A total of seven subjects are taught, divided over the two days. The most important subjects are WSP (economics and social policies) and GP (business processes), since they are also very similar to the activities in the operation as regards their contents. Other subjects include KSK (accounting), VG (traffic geography), English, DV (data processing) and politics.

One aspect about the apprenticeship I really like is the teamwork. Many processes require multiple work steps, so that the team can work more quickly and more precisely. I also value the friendly atmosphere with the other colleagues with whom I do not work as much. Many of the apprentices have become friends, so they frequently spend their lunch breaks together in the common room.

I am excited about what the rest of my apprenticeship will bring.

Internship Corporate Development

Brooke Istvan,
Student at the Harvard University, USA

Praktikum im Bereich Unternehmensentwicklung, Brooke Istvan

For my internship I worked in the corporate development group of Duisburger Hafen AG. That is the port of the city of Duisburg in Germany. This ended up being a fascinating experience for me.

The port is the largest inland port in Europe (where two rivers meet) and a major player along the New Silk Road. Something like 70% of trains from China to Europe go through duisport. This means that China’s One Belt One Road Initiative has been hugely important to the companies business. I did a lot of work with the One Belt One Road initiative, China’s plan to connect China to the west via trans Eurasian railroads, like doing research, making a background PowerPoint for investors, and attending meetings related to the topic.

I found this fascinating. The international political implications of a project this large are innumerable. And, my work at duisport has inspired me to do further research and write a thesis on the topic. I also got to work on projects with renewable energy and Startport, a logistics startups accelerator program in Duisburg pioneered by duisport.

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