Customer portals of the duisport Group

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The dpl-Suppliers-Portal providing access for the supplier to dpl-Loose Part System. Here suppliers can create loose parts for individual packages. On this basis, the corresponding labels are printed by the dpl and sent to the supplier. After the labels have been received, the suppliers can register their product as ready, so it can be transported to the packing order for dpl.




The dpl-Customers-Portal serves as access to the enlarged dpl-Loose Part System for customers of dpl. The customer can retrieve the current status of your orders. In addition, customers can there if desired see a photo documentation or construction site lists. Also a shipment overview is provided to the customer here.                                             



dpl online-box orders

Our portal is the quick and easy way to order boxes. Whether for air, ship, rail or truck transport - You can order your boxes on-line and have the packages conveniently delivered by the requested date. 

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Ship transshipment

Acces to the online capture of evidence for the ship transshipment -quick and easy calculation of the ship transshipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  Ship transshipment


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