Stable container handling volumes and growing China trade

Image caption: Container handling stable, China business is growing (Image: logport I in Duisburg-Rheinhausen) © Hans Blossey

In 2018, container handling volumes at Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) remained at the record level of the previous year (4.1 million TEU). With a share of around 55 percent, container handling is the most important duisport goods segment.

Total handling volumes, on the other hand, declined from 68.3 million tonnes to 65.3 million tonnes. This development was mainly due to the extremely long low-water period, which led to a ten percent drop in bulk cargo. The past year was characterized by stable volumes in the mineral oil and chemicals sector, but significantly lower steel volumes. Coal handling volumes continue to decline as a result of the energy transformation.

The China business, on the other hand, continues to gain in importance. At present, 35 to 40 trains already travel between duisport and a dozen Chinese destinations every week, with the aim of generating additional growth through collaborations with Chinese partners and projects along the Silk Road.