“enerPort” 项目启动 – 杜伊斯堡港务集团被视为内港典范

杜伊斯堡港口股份公司(杜伊斯堡港务集团)与弗劳恩霍夫研究所 (Fraunhofer) 合作,共同制定出 "enerPort" 方案,这是面向 1,550 公顷以上港口区域的能源利用和供应总体方案。

德国联邦经济和能源部为enerPort 投资了超过 1 百万欧元,根据杜伊斯堡港口的范例,是用来将能源行业与住宅、商业、工业、物流和交通领域关联起来的的一种跨行业方案。



startport 初创企业吸引国际投资商来到鲁尔地区 – 杜伊斯堡港务集团子公司投资商会议

杜伊斯堡港务集团在 Great Stone 园区建设铁路码头

New hinterland connection to the Port of Zeebrugge

duisport and Hupac intensify cooperation

Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) and the Swiss company Hupac Intermodal are intensifying the strategic cooperation already agreed in July 2018.

At the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, duisport, the most important logistics hub in Central Europe, and Hupac, one of the largest operators of international intermodal transport networks, agreed to better connect the Maasvlakte terminal in Rotterdam by means of a shuttle system running several times a day. This will strengthen the Port of Duisburg as a gateway for the onward transport of maritime freight from Rotterdam within Europe.

In addition, duisport and Hupac will increasingly cooperate to optimize their activities within the framework of the "Belt & Road" initiative. Both partners will jointly develop terminals along the Silk Road and work on solutions to reduce the journey times of Chinese trains.

"Through this cooperation, we are developing additional services for our customers and we are expanding our international network as a premium port and our position as the most important European hub in intra-European and international trade," says duisports CEO Erich Staake.

Michail Stahlhut, CEO of Hupac Intermodal, says: "We see great potential in strengthening our decades of cooperation. The aim is to connect the Hupac network in the centre of Europe to the transcontinental traffic flows on the East-West axis. To this end, we are jointly building a pipeline, strengthening the Duisburg location and using the strength of the respective partner."

杜伊斯堡港务集团 “startport”公司继续扩展其关系网络。- 多特蒙德足球俱乐部与 RAG 基金会成为新的独家合作伙伴


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