Together, we can do it!

Latest information
on the spread of the coronavirus

The coronavirus affects all of our lives - at home and at the workplace. But despite its enormous impact on our society, the Port of Duisburg continues to operate. We, the team at the world's largest inland port, are doing everything we can to fulfill our role as the supply function for North Rhine-Westphalia.

At the same time, we must also protect the health of all employees in the Port of Duisburg. Our crisis unit follows the recommendations of the government authorities. We are all focused on one single goal: To prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and to maintain the key functions of the Port of Duisburg.

We therefore ask for your help and understanding that we cannot authorize any filming requests or personal interviews on our premises for any given reason.

Thank you in advance for your understanding! Stay safe!

Of course, you can also contact us in writing. Please use:

Letter of Management Board

Over the past 1.5 years, our lives have changed as never before. The coronavirus affects us all. And we do not yet know the impact that this pandemic will have on our society.

At this time, the effects of the virus are felt most keenly by those who work in the health care sector and take care of the sick, and those who work to maintain our public transportation systems and our supply chain of essential goods. They deserve our utmost respect and support.

As the duisport Group, we feel a special responsibility to society. We are responsible for maintaining the supply chains and our economy so that the negative impact on the port's supply and disposal function for the entire North Rhine-Westphalia region can be kept to a minimum. We are already noticing a significant decline in trading volumes, and we also face severe restrictions on our daily work activities.

Therefore we are very thankful for your extraordinary commitment during these last few weeks. We have witnessed a great sense of engagement, collaboration and team spirit at all of our subsidiaries and divisions. That is not easy, particularly in times when keeping your distance has become the top priority. Our colleagues in the trains, on the tracks, and in the cranes, packing operations, buildings, trucks, signal boxes and ingates are doing an excellent job in maintaining our port and logistics processes across Germany. They must work under special safety and hygiene regulations. In the commercial area, teams are sitting separate from each other in their home offices, and they communicate remotely. Our IT organization has made this possible within a very short time period. The work done by the crisis unit allows us to implement measures very quickly.

At duisport Group, our main objective will be to maintain the port's operations. We are well organized, and we are prepared. We are convinced that by working together, we will be able to rise to the challenge.
You can count on us, particularly in times such as these.

Together, we can do it.

Stay safe!

Markus Bangen (CEO)
Dr. Carsten Hinne
Prof. Thomas Schlipköther


What is the impact of the coronavirus on trading volumes?

At this time, we are not able to provide concrete information about the impact on trading volumes.
Duisburger Hafen AG will maintain operations in the port.

What preventative measures has Duisburger Hafen AG implemented in this situation?

The health of all duisport employees and those working in the port is our top priority. Compliance with the established hygiene measures is the first priority. Shaking hands is prohibited. Employees are asked to keep as much distance as possible between themselves and other persons. Moreover, employees have also been provided with the appropriate protective equipment.
At the first sign of illness, our employees are instructed to stay at home. In the case of doubt, they are asked to contact the company physician.
Shift changes on our premises are organized so that no personal contact is required. Similarly, hand-overs and document clearances (e.g. with truck drivers and crane/rail car/ship operators) are also done on a contact-less basis. Breaks are taken individually.
Business travel is canceled until further notice. Employees from risk areas (pursuant to the RKI) must remain at home for two weeks.
Where possible, all employees work from home. All operational and business processes continue without changes.
Duisburger Hafen AG has set up an internal crisis unit that closely monitors all current developments and quickly implements any required measures and recommendations for action.

Do the trains, trucks, ships and the transported goods pose a risk?

Based on the currently known transmission pathways and the relatively low environmental stability of coronaviruses, it is unlikely, based on the current state of knowledge, that imported goods such as food products or items of daily use are a source of infection involving the novel coronavirus. That has been the most recent assessment of the Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment). According to the experts, goods logistics does not pose a risk based on the current state of knowledge.
Extensive codes of conduct and hygiene regulations are in effect to prevent the transmission of the virus in the port (see above).

Do trains travel between Duisburg and China at the moment?

The connection between Wuhan and Duisburg is running again since the end of March 2020.

What are the regulations with regard to events?

All events and guided tours on our premises have been canceled until further notice or postponed to a later date.

Are there restrictions in terms of the infrastructure?

All roads and access points on the premises of Duisburger Hafen AG will remain open.